Big Bang

Photo Credit: Samuel Monnier - Starnight 5

Big Bang

And so it begins.

That place to call home.

Like the universe, this blog has taken time to get where it is.

I made an abortive attempt to do this once before — with WordPress. It didn’t work because I was’t clear about what I wanted to say. Also, I didn’t like the format, the lack of control of my material. With MarkDown I’ve hit the sweet spot.

So: what is going to be in here?

I want this to be mainly technical — about quantum chemistry, crystallography, and the computer codes I write to support that work. I want it to be about the text books, journal articles, and conferences I go to related to those topics. I daresay some teaching material will creep in.

I want this to be about the things I know about: the strange things that are anything but banal.


Enjoy your stay.